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Media Musings Blog Archive Should Singapore Just Hang Alan

Asics kayano 21 homme a country that has only recently made history when long ruling political party PAP lost sub urban area Aljunied (Al Joo Need) to the opposition. The first time since 1988, mind you.

A country whose disgruntled youth filmed a documentary about a former journalist who was detained by the government and held 17 years without trial.

Most people I met here in Melbourne know Singapore as the place with a airport Some recognise it as a shopping paradise. Some are amazed how clean it is (no it not, it just the bloody trees they planted all over the island).

But not many are aware just how much our government and asics homme magasin its puppets can behave like pricks.

Years ago, Singaporean blogger based in the US found himself in trouble for criticising a Singaporean judge.

Alan Shadrake found himself punished for speaking out against the death penalty.

No doubt, six weeks is a short time in prison.

But the punishment itself says a lot about our government.

There is a lack of freedom of speech in Singapore. The newspapers have better use in the toilets. It asics kayano 23 homme not the journalists fault. We just don have the freedom to report in our state owned press.

And foreigners have no special privileges.

One wrong word and you in hot soup. And we not talking noodle soup.

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Posted under: Future of journalism

Dated: May 27 2011

Interesting post. For a country that has most elements of a functioning democracy, such as a right to free speech, elections, courts etc, the lack of press freedom is seems frustrating and senseless. It also barely discussed or reprimanded in the international media, despite Singapore ridiculously low ranking on Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. Having been to Singapore briefly, I didn’t really notice the sense of oppression that comes with a lack of press freedom, although as you mentioned, frustration must be lurking behind the veneer of cohesion and complacency.

I wonder if fed up Singaporeans would ever contemplate organizing a movement asics kayano 21 homme to protest this injustice, in the style of Egypt?

It complicated with Singapore. Compared to other countries in the news these days, oppression would be a strong word to use. We far better off than Burma, for example. But we have our own problems, and it can be frustrating.

The article is about the lack of press freedom in Singapore. My ex employer, a Brit, made fun of the amateur standards of print news in Singapore. But you can owe the lack of progress to the self censorship and filtering of content. State owned media.

However, since you raised the idea of a protest, like what happened in Egypt, I have to mention that Singapore is not that bad. Again, it complicated.

It a novelty finding a homeless person in Singapore but it common finding a 60 year old working at a fast food outlet. There very little crime in Singapore but that just makes our community more naive. Medical care is far better than what here in Melbourne or even NZ but it expensive in Singapore. It also known for its multi cultural, multi racial community. But I experienced no racism in Melbourne (india australia tensions) but I experienced loads of racism back in Singapore.

The biggest asics homme magasin problems we faced in Singapore in recent years is overcrowding thanks to a sudden influx of foreigners which means transport problems. Not to mention these foreigners took up jobs in many sectors, at the expense of the opportunity for born and bred Singaporeans to succeed. Property prices asics kayano 23 homme were also really high.

So you see we don really need an Egypt style uprising. It not a massacre we facing in Singapore. But we need to grow out of our naive, timid, sheep like mentality and be more vocal. And hopefully that will start with the press, the medium between people and politicians asics kayano 21 homme asics homme magasin.