Mode Femme Asics Gel Kayano 23 Chaussures Running Gris Vert Media Musings Blog Archive Kevin Rudd supports gay marriage

Media Musings Blog Archive Kevin Rudd supports gay marriage

Asics kayano 21 homme rudd, known as very religious and previously against the idea of gay marriage, declared this to the public at a similar time that his daughter, Jessica Rudd, wrote a piece forCLEO hoping for policy change on the same contentious issue.

« Unlike other controversial areas of social policy, I will never understand the arguments against same sex marriage.

« Politically speaking, if Barack Obama, the president of the US, can change his tune, any world leader can, » she says.

So was this move of Kevin Rudd politically, or personally motivated?

He only voted against gay marriage legislation in September 2012 when fellow ALP backbencher Stephen Jones introduced the bill.

These are some of the comments left on his website under the post:

Comment left on Kevin Rudd personal website

Comment left on Kevin Rudd personal website

Comment left on Kevin Rudd personal website

BlogThe Gutter Trash, seems to support Rudd legitimacy.

The blogCheaper Than Rubies took a more political approach to his decision, looking at what it means for other politicians, such as Tony Abbott, who still remains adamantly against the issue.

Oliver Cooper wrote on his blog Conservative Home that his decision won impact the next election.

So he agrees it not necessarily a political decision from Rudd himself, but suggests his support will have more future implications for Australian politics as a whole.

Rudd endorsement for gay marriage is another asics kayano 21 homme step towards marriage equality in our nation, and Adam Bandt from the Greens asics kayano pas cher will introduce a Bill into parliament next week for the legalisation, but it is unlikely to be passed.

So what does Kevin Rudd news mean for the upcoming September election?

If political, does it mean there a chance for the Gillard Government to follow suit?

If personal, asics kayano pas cher does it mean that it will not change Australian legislation because our Prime Minister and Opposition both remain against same sex marriage?

If the Bill is passed throughAustralian Parliament, we will follow the 14 other countries who legalise gay marriage.

But this is firstly a question of if, and then it will bewhen.

australian politics, Gay marriage, gay marriage debate, Kevin Rudd, labour, media, Politics, Social media

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Dated: May 21 2013

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Belgium Homme Asics Gel Kayano 23 Chaussures Running Blanc Argent Media Musings Blog Archive Is Exploiting People

Media Musings Blog Archive Is Exploiting People

Chaussures asics homme online this photo from the Herald chaussures asics homme online Sun coverage of AFL player John McCarthy funeral shows his girlfriend, Dani Smarrelli,in obvious pain, being comforted by her mother.

It is an emotionally evocative photo which captures both the mood of the scene, and the reader attention, as a good photo should.

I know the blown up image on page 3 certainly had the intended effect on me, catching my attention and making me read the article, which I otherwise would not have.

Surely there must be justification for such blatant exploitation?It is difficult to see that any public interest was served in publishing the photo, apart from satisfying morbid curiosity.

The MEAA Code of Ethics clearly states that journalists should: private grief and personal privacy, and that: have the right to resist compulsion to intrude that in mind, the journalist, photographer and editor were all well within their rights heck, it was their stated ethical responsibility to stop the image from going to press.

Interestingly, when I went to find the image at a later date, it was no longer available on the Herald Sun website.

This was no accident, as the Herald Sun photo gallery featured a full 59 images taken at the funeral.

Teammates mourn at McCarthy funeral (credit: the Herald Sun)

The remaining 59 images clearly showed McCarthy grieving AFL teammates, which I do not have a problem with: they are public figures who are used to the media chaussures asics homme online intruding on their lives.

I would hazard a guess that The Herald Sun knew using a pretty, young woman in clear distress would be more interesting to consumers than young men looking vaguely sad.

All things considered, the choice to publish the photo seems to have chaussures asics homme online been a deliberate bid to maximise the human interest of the story, and ultimately generate profit.

This fits within the greater media issue of papers and maximising sales, rather than educating the public.

I don think there is any justification for that.

Did the photo grab your attention?

Do you think it is in the public interest to publish people intimate moments of grief?

exploitation, funeral, grief, John McCarthy, media images

Posted under: Media ethics

Dated: asics kayano pas cher Sep 28 2012

I would argue that media covered the funeral with the family blessing and this photo was not taken surreptitiously; therefore it was not necessarily an intrusion. If she had asked them not to take or publish this photo (and there no evidence here to suggest that was the case), then that would be a different story the fact I felt compelled to respond shows you have written this well I wanted to engage with your post, which is what we are after. Just make sure you do acknowledge the other side of the argument in your post, and then respond to that.

When using images from a media organisation please use a screenshot to give context rather than just the picture itself. Remember to italicise publication names. Good links but make sure they all open in a new window.

The death of John McCarthy was such an awful tragedy I don know whether I think the HS was justified in publishing such a raw photo, but I guess you could argue that showing the depth of Smarrelli grief allowed people to truly empathise with her, and put a face to the pain so many people were feeling after this shocking incident. I also don think this photo is as intrusive as some I seen asics kayano pas cher there are enough other people in the photo that Smarrelli isn the only focus. Anyone with even the smallest shred of empathy would feel for this woman just by reading what happened; I think it terribly intrusive and unfair to have even filmed this.

Of course, the woman may have allowed this to be filmed and published, in order to get the media and the public more on her side. But personally I don think there is any justification in publishing it chaussures asics homme online.