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Shoe store targeted

Asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher montreal A footwear store on St. Denis Street in Montreal that had been the target of anti Israel demonstrators for more than three years closed its doors on Nov. 25.

The owners of Chaussures Naot, however, denied that the demonstrations calling for a boycott of Israel were the asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher reason for shutting down.

Denis has become economically depressed. That street has deteriorated from a retail point of view. There was no sense in keeping open when your costs are greater than what you are taking in. If we had been doing OK, we would have stuck it out, he said.

The store was almost exclusively selling the Naot line of footwear, which is manufactured in Israel at Kibbutz Neot Mordechai in the Upper Galilee.

Naot, at 3941 St. Denis St, opened about four years ago, Lissoos said. Solemates has another Naot store on Monkland Avenue in Notre Dame de Gr which remains open and to which the St. Denis outlet customer accounts have been transferred.

Lissoos said the NDG store has never been targeted by anti Israel demonstrators in the decade it has been there, nor have any of the company stores elsewhere in Canada. Solemates is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Naot line.

In October 2010, asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher the anti Israel group PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) began holding demonstrations every other Saturday asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher outside another shoe store at 4062 St. Denis, Boutique Le Marcheur. PAJU had vowed asics kinsei 5 homme to make St. Denis, then still a trendy area with chic boutiques and restaurants, an apartheid free zone. a couple of hours, a small number of people held large banners and Palestinian flags denouncing Israel treatment of the Palestinians. Occasionally, they were noisy and police were called in, but the demonstrations were deemed legal.

Israeli products were only a very small part of his merchandise, but Le Marcheur owner Yves Archambault stood firm and refused to remove the Israeli products. He was supported by the Jewish community both official bodies and the grassroots as well as a number of federal and provincial politicians. Le Marcheur, a long established company, remains in business.

By February 2011, the demonstrators were dividing their time between Le Marcheur and Naot, and, by June, they were exclusively focused on the latter. They had continued to show up nearly every Saturday.

Anti boycott demonstrators faithfully turned out to counter those denouncing Israel, but they stopped after about a year.

Naot never received the kind of attention that Le Marcheur did, and awareness of the ongoing demonstrations outside Naot had fallen away.

Lissoos does not deny that the demonstrations on the sidewalk in front of the asics kinsei 5 homme small shop could have had an impact on business.

The Lissoos family had fought for some kind of legal or political action to stop the demonstrators.

In March 2011, Soulmates appealed directly to then premier Jean Charest to intervene.

activity can only be described as a form of economic terrorism, Lissoos wrote at the time.

have been confronted with a group of aggressive and abusive activists interfering with shoppers, our staff and passersby on the street, demanding that our store should be boycotted as we sell products produced in Israel. May 2012, Solemates president Corinne Lissoos wrote to The CJN about the weekly demonstrations: business, and those of my neighbours, has been and continues to be severely affected by this ongoing harassment, resulting in the loss of jobs. The store had employed about 10 people.

Several telephone messages were left by The CJN with PAJU president Bruce Katz for comment. He did not respond, nor did PAJU respond to a message left on its website asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher.

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Shoes Make a Fashion Statement

Asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher when it comes to accessorizing, fashion conscious Parisians are placing their best foot forward. Shoes are a fashion statement, with the City of Light’s hundreds of shoe shops offering a variety of fancy and functional footwear.

Styles range from conservative asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher pumps and loafers to art shoes resembling feathered birds and face masks, or bare feet sculpted out of leather. Fine, beautifully tinted calfs or exotic leathers, lightweight rubber or see through plastic are used on shoes that tie, zip or button.

Rue de Grenelle (on the Left Bank, in the 6th Arrondissement) is a great place to shop, with some boutiques belonging to well known labels that are sold in the United States.

Styles often combine various leathers, including suedes, plus calf, lizard and snake skins. Detailed boots are a specialty, always popular with the avant garde. Frizon men’s shoes are super chic, with exotic leathers and inventive details. Prices begin at about $200, then skyrocket.

Stephane Kelian (13 bis Rue de Grenelle, with an additional shop nearby at 62 Rue des Saints Peres) is one of Paris’ most interesting and imaginative shoe movers and shapers. Kelian’s styles include boots that convert to chic loafers because their tops simply zip off.

Other zipper topped shoes convert to ruffle edged dancing slippers. For more conservative patrons, Kelian’s models include finely fashioned pumps in all the latest colors and heel heights, all with Kelian’s special attention to quality and detail. Kammer’s shoes emphasize comfort while maintaining chic. Dress pumps with a variety of heel heights are simple, elegant and beautifully dyed in vibrant or muted colors. Other styles include suede loafers and impressive oxfords made from snake skins in standard or the asics kinsei 5 homme latest fashion colors. Prices from about asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher $160 to $225.

Tokio Kumagai (32 Rue de Grenelle), a footwear trend setter, makes shoes that are shaped with humor and full of surprise: Heels join shoes at odd angles, ankle boots have uneven tops, and pairs of shoe tongues are decorated with eyes, one open and one winking. Boots range from punk to haute couture styles. Prices about $140 and up.

Charles Jourdan (39 Rue de Grenelle). Another nearby boutique is at 60 62 Rue de Rennes and at other locations in town. Styles from stunningly detailed flats and pumps, with accents of unusual leather, metallics, lace or bows, to fabulous leather boots. Clergerie’s chic, black suede, rubber soled slippers, with Paris embroidered in silver thread across the top of each shoe, is an ideal souvenir. Prices about $180 and up.

Seducta (28 Rue du Cherche Midi) is filled with unusual shoes featuring architectural heels, oddly shaped inserts of leather in contrasting colors or colored leather balloons that create fantastic shoe shapes. Inventive asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher and exciting color combinations are always part of the design. Philippe Model’s (33 Place du Marche Saint Honore) fascinating footwear looks as if it walked in from the 18th Century. Styles are baroque inventions with ornate heels and jewelled clips. Or there are strangely up to date, twisted, gold lined heels that seem barely attached asics kinsei 5 homme to shoe bodies.

Leathers, suedes and brocades in stunning colors add to the effect. Model also makes matching felt hats that are shaped like pyramids or saucers and displayed with wild scarfs and large earrings. Shoes are priced from about $200.

Jean Charles Brosseau (38 Galerie Vero Dodat, 2 Rue du Bouloi) makes shoes as well as hats, gloves, belts and other accessories to complement his line of clothing.

Interesting combinations of leather and fabrics, including velvets and fake furs, distinguish Brosseau’s designs, because some of the fake fur is from animals that have sprung from Brosseau’s imagination. Shoes about $125 and up asics tiger mexico 66 pas cher.