asics nimbus 18 Gnomedex puts the human face on tech

Gnomedex puts the human face on tech

Asics gel lyte ii homme warm and fuzzy. That TMs how I felt after attending Gnomedex in Seattle for the first time. Those are words you generally wouldn TMt associate with a tech conference. In case you TMve never heard of Gnomedex, it TMs an annualgathering forself proclaimed geeks, like myself,organized by tech enthusiast Chris Pirillo. ET.

This year TMs theme at Gnomedex 9.0 was human circuitry  » the intersection of humanity and technology. Pirillo sought speakers who would share personal experiencesthat wouldinspire others.

I was uplifted by the fact that this year TMs conference attracted the most number of female attendees for any Gnomedex. Why? Stories, Pirillo told me, as we were listening to Amber Case, a cyber anthropologist, share strangely alluring tales about human beings and prosthetic culture. Putting the word human TM in there was like, Oh, so it TMs not a geek TMs conference as much as it is about people, TM said Pirillo.

Emotional talks from Drew Olanoff and Mark Horvath also elevated the H TM factor at Gnomedex. Olanoff, recently diagnosed with cancer, started a campaign on Twitter inviting others to blame everything in their lives on his cancer  » by using the hashtag blamedrewscancer.

Olanoff became emotional on stage while describing the radical shift his life took since he was diagnosed in May. Hisstorytouched the audience  » as evidenced by the prolific updates on asics nimbus 18 once for Olanoff and once for Horvath.

If you didn TMt know any better, asics nimbus 18 you TMd assume the audience at Gnomedex was more interested in surfing the Web than in the conversation unfolding on stage.

This is a conference where a lot of people have their laptops open, said Pirillo. We can always tell which speaker has lesser impact when the bandwidth spikes, he chuckled.

But the online activity is also a sign of a deeper engagement  » a real time feedback loop between speaker and audience. During sessions, Pirillo monitors his Twitter stream gnomedex to gauge what TMs resonating with the audience and what isn TMt.

That TMs where you learn when you TMre doing good content or bad content. If they TMre talking about what TMs happening you TMre OK, said Pirillo.

Pirillo asics gel lyte ii homme made me promise to mention Mona Nomura, asics gel lyte ii homme whom he credits for pulling 98% of the conference together in a mere two months.

I TMm not a female, and I TMm not taking away from birth but every year, it TMs like giving birth, said Pirillo about the challenges of putting on Gnomedex each year.

Now we have nine beautiful children. Some are a little more beautiful than others, some asics gel lyte ii homme are a little ugly, he laughed. What about this one, I asked. His reply: This one was very beautiful. There TMs a couple of pockmarks, but I find perfection in imperfections asics gel lyte ii homme.