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Montego Glover Discovers a New

Chaussure asics sortie chaussures asics femme france patti LuPone, Andrea McArdle, Anne Hathaway, Melba Moore since it first premiered in London 30 years ago, Boublil and Schnberg’s mega musical, Les Misrables, has played more than 40 countries, and hundreds of actors have brought their own take to its iconic characters, like the destitute Fantine.

In the current Broadway revival, Tony Award nominee, Montego Glover (Memphis, The Color Purple) recently stepped into Fantine’s chaussures, and having gone quickly from the madcap musical comedy, It Shoulda Been You, to this, was faced with the challenge of putting her own unique mark on the role one which some might expect after 30 years to have already been mined for chaussure asics sortie all its precious emotions. But, as one of Broadway’s brightest stars, Glover isn’t likely to let her career be represented by someone else’s performance.

« Talk about night and day, right, Glover said in a recent interview about being cast as Fantine. « It was a total surprise, a total whirlwind, and such a pleasant and wonderful thing to have happen, she added.

« I was literally in my last week of performances with It Should’ve Been You; went in to meet with the creatives at Les Mis; got a phone call on a Friday saying, ‘Let’s work together’. and started rehearsing [that] Tuesday,

Having first skyrocketed to Broadway stardom creating the role of Felicia in Memphis, Glover acknowledges the challenges now of stepping into a role as established as Fantine, but respects it as an institution and one she’s proud to put her own mark on in Broadway history.

« I think chaussures asics femme france to play a role that is as iconic and as recognizable as Fantine in a show as recognizable as Les Mis is really a privilege, she said. « It’s a joy, because Les Mis is a masterpiece. It really is a stunning piece of art and of musical theater. The role of Fantine is just seminal. She is a complex, engaging, feeling being. Having the opportunity to tell the story of her life in this context is so exciting to me, she added.

« It has been great to enter a world of a play that is very firmly established. What I’ve really been able to do is trust that all of the technical elements have been worked out and I can concentrate on working on Fantine chaussure asics sortie from the ground up, Glover remarked.

From an audience member’s perspective, Glover distinguishes Fantine by bringing a chaussure asics sortie striking naivety to the character, making her alien to the environment; a confused and simple woman in starker contrast to her gritty environment, versus many who’ve played her before, more aware but fearful as Fantine in their surroundings. Glover’s approach to the role gives her an opportunity to infuse new drama to the chaussures asics femme france ubiquitous ballad, « I Dreamed a Dream, Instead, she brings a deeper realization to the consequences of love lost and resulting feelings of absolute desperation, and purpose of this iconic song in the layered storyline.

« I find Fantine very complex. I find her extraordinarily loving and feeling, Glover shared. « She is, when we meet her, injured emotionally and spiritually, and that about her, aside from the fact that she is desperately in love with her child [Cosette] and wanting the best for her, makes her compelling, she added. « She fell in love for the first time. chaussures asics femme france She had a child as a result of that love. The decline that happens when he leaves and Cosette is born, and things start to unravel, is just, in a word, spectacular. I find it irresistible,

In addition to infusing new life into her own role, Glover is one of several casting selections bringing fresh energy to a musical birthed in a very different time culturally and artistically: the era of the mega musical. Broadway’s second African American Fantine (singer, Melba Moore was the first, in1995), Glover joined a cast who noticeably represent a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, in line with the promising trend of increased diversity on Broadway.

« Ultimately, people coming to the theater want stories told that they can relate to, Glover said about this progress reflected in the arts, if not always in broader society. « In the kind of world and the kind of society that we live in now it’s a wonderful thing if people coming into the theater can see the world we live in reflected on the stage. I think that’s exactly what diverse casting and diverse storytelling does. I think it’s marvelous, she added. « As long as it’s serving the play. it’s a wonderful thing, chaussures asics femme france.

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Montreal shoe store hit

Chaussure asics sortie chaussures asics femme france montreal Employees of a St. Denis Street store selling Israeli footwear were shocked to find antisemitic graffiti scrawled on the sidewalk chaussures asics femme france outside when they came to work the morning of Saturday, June 15.

As of June 20, the phrase Israhell between two swastikas scrawled in red paint was still in front of Chaussures Naot at 3941 St. Denis St. It was removed by city workers late last week.

Naot has been the target of anti Israel demonstrations almost every Saturday afternoon for two years, organized by the group PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity), which calls for a boycott of Israeli goods.

This is the first time, however, that any graffiti of this nature has been left at the scene since the store opened in March 2010, Lissoos said.

There is no evidence PAJU is connected to the graffiti. The group did not show up on June 15, she said. Friday, June 14.

called the police, chaussure asics sortie and they did open a docket, which is unusual, because normally if we call them during the demonstrations they just come and take a little drive by, she said.

They have heard nothing more from the police.

The city was also called to remove the graffiti, she said. said they would come, but it still there. said the demonstrations, normally five to 10 protesters with large banners denouncing Israeli are negatively chaussure asics sortie affecting business. She gauges that by comparing sales at Naot other Montreal store on Monkland Avenue in Notre Dame de Gr which opened in 2006.

The latter store has never been targeted by anti Israel activists. In October 2010, PAJU launched its campaign to make St. Denis Street, which is filled with fashionable shops and eateries, an apartheid free zone. shoe store, Boutique Le Marcheur, across the street from Naot, was the initial target, even though only a small percentage of its merchandise is from Israel.

Naot neighbouring retail businesses feel they being hurt by the demonstrations as well, she said. And the impact isn only economic: Naot employees find the situation very stressful.

The chain owners are frustrated by their lack of success in stopping the demonstrations through law enforcement, political and other official means.

have written many letters, to the [then] premier [Jean Charest], to Prime Minister [Stephen] Harper, to MPs, chaussures asics femme france to business associations, to tax offices and get no response, Lissoos said. just falls on deaf ears.

is blatant hatred, and the crazy thing is we can do nothing about it This could go on forever. graffiti chaussure asics sortie was removed after being there almost a week following the intervention of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). Its Quebec vice president Luciano Del Negro applauded the attention given to this incident by Projet Montr leader Richard Bergeron, who is the city councillor for the Jeanne Mance district in which Naot is located.

Bergeron made it clear that this was completely intolerable, said Del Negro.

Bergeron wrote on his Facebook page that discourse is unacceptable in Montreal. As soon as I was informed that the antisemitic graffiti had been spray painted on the sidewalk in front of Naot Shoes, I ensured that it would be removed immediately. 2011, Montreal city council passed a resolution denouncing the demonstrations and a similar motion tabled by the three major parties in the National Assembly died because Qu solidaire MNA Amir Khadir refused his assent to debate it.

Lissoos said the company mounting a civil law case has been considered. explored that, but it is expensive and a judge could rule either way. We have no guarantees. landlord, who lives above chaussures asics femme france the store, has filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission, she said, arguing that the rights of the business owners and their employees are being violated.

Until last year, pro Israel counter demonstrators also showed up in front of Naot on Saturdays, at first mainly from the Jewish community, but later protests included members of a Facebook group called Les amis qu d said the Naot owners were grateful for the support, but asked them to discontinue. five or 10 from [PAJU] and then 30 or 50 of them, it just became too chaotic. CJN print edition returns August 1 chaussures asics femme france.