Femme Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit Chaussures Running Blanc Gris Soldes Media Musings Blog Archive Are you a Cyberchondriac

Media Musings Blog Archive Are you a Cyberchondriac

Chaussures de running asics chaussures running asics en soldes i think everyone’s been guilty of typing in a few symptoms to ‘Dr Google’ for a diagnosis. But what if the diagnosis you receive is something life threatening?

The Daily Mail interviewed Dr Thomas Fegus, from Baylor University in Texas, about the rise of ‘cyberchondria’

The article discusses the recent findings published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, which describes cyberchondria as a vicious circle serving to perpetuate anxiety and ailments.

He says cyberchondria is often more harmful than hypochondria, because of the extreme nature of a lot of the material out there.

« If I see a site about traumatic brain injuries and have difficulties tolerating uncertainty, I might be more likely to worry that is the cause of the bump on my head, Dr Fergus says.

The Guardian says that the Internet hasn’t just made diagnostic material more accessible but « some of its contributors make an astounding amount of money from eroding people’s trust in medical professionals,

Ironically, the Guardian revealed there are websites collating everything the Daily Mail has claimed gives you cancer.

Anorak is one of those sites, listing cancer scare stories from the Mail such as: candle lit dinners, canned food, left handedness the list goes on.

So perhaps the media is partially responsible for propagating this ‘cyberchondria’?

My partner has fallen for it. Often when he is feeling ill, I will come home to the barrage of new illnesses he believes he is suffering from. From bowel cancer to appendicitis.

I think people should be more careful people ‘google’ their symptoms, especially if they’re doing it instead of going to the doctor, likethis case a few weeks ago. If the man had said something to someone, or called an ambulance, he may of lived!

The Guardian makes an excellent point, saying the success of publications like the Daily Mail prove that scaremongering sells and the media is doing a good job of feeding the public’s paranoia about their health.

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Dated: Oct 11 2013

As someone who chaussures running asics en soldes does this on the reg, I agree with you. I should stop! To be fair to myself though, my self diagnosing is usually followed up with a phone call to the nearest 24 hour clinic, or worst case scenario, the emergency room. Which is more embarrassing perhaps for me, (when the on my neck turns out to be a mere sore, or the blood I coughed up does NOT mean I got the 14thC disease that killed Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge) but I do feel better afterwards. Without the internet, I just be a plain old hypercondriac, and I chaussures running asics en soldes find being a cybercondriac makes me contact doctors more, not less. Getting some sort of qualification from the internet is my cue to call the doc to stop the imagination in its tracks.

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