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Guns and bars should mix

Hypervenomx proximo ii ic nike tiempo camo it too late for Ben Goeser to care whether guns are allowed in restaurants or bars or wherever in Tennessee. But if his widow, Nikki Goeser, could have legally carried the gun her late husband bought her for protection into the Nashville restaurant where he was murdered on April 2, 2009, she believes that night might have turned out differently, that she might still have her husband.

Nikki and Ben Goeser ran a karaoke business that bounced them from bar to sports bar to restaurant, enticing patrons to lose their inhibitions with some Don McLean or The Eagles or whoever else was listed in the big book of other people songs.

The couple trouble with a man named Hank Wise began when he started showing up where the couple set up their karaoke shop. They did so every Thursday night at Jonny Sports Bar at 5805 Nolensville Pike, near its intersection with Old Hickory Boulevard.

After Nikki said Wise sent inappropriate messages to her through MySpace, her husband approached him during one of the karaoke nights and told him to stop the contact.

For a while, Wise abided the request. That is, until he showed up at Jonny one night just over a year ago. Shortly nike tiempo camo after Nikki spotted Wise who was talking with Ben she asked management to have Wise thrown out.

Nikki said that as her husband worked at the karaoke computer, Wise was told to leave. According to an arrest warrant, while being confronted, Wise pulled a.45 caliber Ruger from his jacket and shot Ben once in the head, then fired five more shots into him. Wise murder trial is set to begin in November.

was a right to carry permit holder at the time of my husband death, Nikki Goeser said, because of Tennessee state law, I had to leave my legal, permitted weapon locked in my car just outside the front door. And I got to tell you, I wonder every day what the outcome could have been. weeks ago, state Rep. Harry Tindell of Knoxville introduced an amendment in a House committee that he said would revert this year guns in bars bill back to a similar version that became law last summer. It also would remove the vagueness that eventually caused a Davidson County chancellor to deem it unconstitutional last fall.

Tindell amendment would allow permit holders to carry guns in restaurants serving alcohol but require business owners to post a sign prohibiting carrying when alcohol sales made up more than 50 percent of overall sales. Other owners would also be allowed to post no gun signs if they chose.

State Sen. Doug Jackson sees what he called issues with Tindell amendment, arguing there is no enforcement mechanism in the bill.

assures that? Who oversees that? Jackson asked. they required to post but they don post, can a permit holder rely on the fact that there no posting and walk into that establishment without running afoul of the law? companion bill to the House bill that Tindell amended passed the Senate last week, and the full House is expected to have its own debate as soon as this week.

The Senate bill and its companion bill, sponsored by Rep. Curry Todd in the House, would allow permit holders to carry in establishments that serve alcohol provided the establishment is not posted and the permit holder does not consume any alcohol.

Regarding what he called claims of increased violence and crime by the media and opponents of guns in bars/restaurants bills, Jackson pointed back to the four month period between July and November of last year, when the previous guns in restaurants law was in effect.

of that happened, and that was not a surprise to me, Jackson said, we looked closely at the experience of other states that have had the same or similar laws for many, many years, and they have not had any pattern of hypervenomx proximo ii ic problems. for a permitted carry holder who has worked security at downtown bars, concern about allowing guns into places known primarily as drinking establishments is real.

Jacob Calvin, who goes by Nick, has worked security either as an employee or during special events through security firms hypervenomx proximo ii ic at many of the downtown bars and clubs, including Bar Flys, Graham Central Station and Fuel.

a handgun carry permit holder myself, and I all about having your Second Amendment rights, Calvin said. I want to have a handgun on me when I want to go have dinner with my family at Chili or Applebee or a restaurant that has a bar in it, that fine if I not drinking.

to me, if you going to a bar a honky tonk and you not drinking and you carrying a gun, you there to shoot somebody. There no other reason why you should carry a gun into a thug club or a honky tonk style bar that doesn really serve food, because you not there to have a great steak, and to me, you looking for trouble. Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, tagged along with Goeser for an interview with The City Paper. He said while variations of the hot button guns in restaurants/bars bill have been floated since 1996, problem always comes down to, how do you define those bad places sufficiently to overcome the vagueness issue that troubled the court last year? wouldn speculate about the Goesers case specifically, although he left the door open.

a gun have saved Ben Goeser life that night? I don know, I don know, Jackson said. know this: He dead today, and he had no chance under the [current] circumstances. And possibly if Nikki had had access to her gun, her husband may be alive.

on 5/3/10 at 6:19

Dargent, I know NIkki and have personally heard her version of what happened that night. SInce you weren’t there, all you can do is speculate, and from a position of ignorance at that.

As for the idiot bouncer in the article, « But to me, if you’re going to a bar a honky tonk and you’re not drinking and you’re carrying a gun, you’re there to shoot somebody, this guy is a total jerkoff. I guess he’s unfamiliar with the concept of designated driver? Or someone that doesn’t drink, period, yet might enjoy the music? This was a reasonably unbiased article until they quoted this butthole. Why is he crowing to his friends about recently threatening his married mistress’ husband, Richard Farmer, with a duel at LP Field at sunrise to settle their dispute? Todd really loves guns to solve all arguments. His medical rep « friend, Lea Ann Glen Farmer, has been seen with him numerous times at Morton’s, TN Waltz (w/pictures online), recent golf tournament in Memphis, The Rondevous in Memphis and numerous public outings. The married Todd, who is a candidate for Speaker of the House in the next session, is just using the guns bill to raise money for his Speaker’s campaign.

on 5/3/10 at 10:26

Should there should be no such thing as a « gun free » zone without metal detectors AND personnel trained in security or law enforcement managing the points of entry? Most permit holders who carry on a daily basis don’t even nike tiempo camo like being dis armed to get on a commercial airliner, but at least there has been adequate screening in most cases.

The « honor system » sucks as a way to control criminals. If the honor system is such a good idea, then why spend the money to put bars and locks on the doors at the jails? For that matter, why do we need police at all? Let’s just post the rules somewhere and let everyone abide by them.

For those who think that Nikki couldn’t have saved her husband, I encourage you to do some research on armed self defense. This site only posts news articles with documentation on the incidents. Feel free to confirm the info for yourselves. This too is armed self defense. (Would Nikki’s behavior or proximity to her husband have been different if she had that resource at her disposal? I do think it is safe to say that if she was willing to give up her protection to follow the rules, she would have also obeyed the rules if they told her she couldn’t drink while armed in a bar. It is short sighted to say she could not have affected the outcome of the situation especially given that she did take protective action by doing the only thing she could at the time asking him to be removed.)

Another argument we hear over and over that the permit holder will shoot innocent people. Please show me the documentation. Yes anything is possible, yet somehow this doesn’t seem to be in the statistics.

I would like to challenge the « 8 second » argument also. 8 seconds is more than enough time to react. Please do your research on this also. If the gun is in the holster, most first shots are around1.5 to 2 seconds including the time nike tiempo camo to draw for anyone who practices at all. Pros (civilians who shoot competitively and well trained police/military can easily go from gun in a holster to a well placed first shot in less than 1 second. This includes the reaction time of them realizing that they need to draw the gun. I am not saying that Nikki is one of these, but to say the situation would only have been worse if she had her gun is (at best) naive nike tiempo camo.

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Harmony Korine rock n roll attitude

Hypervenomx proximo ii ic nike tiempo camo chez Harmony Korine, difficile de savoir ce qui vient en premier : la coolitude ou le talent, son aura d terrible ou son oeuvre. Un roman et un nouveau film ( Julien Donkey Boy le consacrent une fois de plus dans l de brouiller les pistes. Une fois de trop?

Harmony Korine est le prototype même de la jeune sensation arty dont on connaît par coeur la légende mais dont on n pas forcement vu le travail. Pas grave :l bonhomme debraille ascendant yiddish est a lui seul une oeuvre d deglinguee, derangee, en perpetuelle construction. Il vient d d une pierre de plus a son propre edifice. Un beau jour de mars 99, pour, comme il dit, Ranger au placard toute bienseance filmique et balancer un gros coup de pompe dans la fourmiliere du jeune cinema américain, Harmony est descendu dans la rue. Sa mission? Provoquer en duel des mecs plutot costauds et se prendre une derouillee devant la camera, un complice cache filmant la scene depuis une rue annexe.

Resultat : la police a mis fin a ses agissements au bout de six combats, lesquels n pas dure plus de deux minutes chacun ( Je n pas realise qu baston se deroulait comme ça, en un eclair ). Et Harmony de terminer sa journee aux urgences, gisant sur la table d plaies beantes et contusions diverses. Ne subsiste de son Fight Harm ( Harm pour Harmony) que douze petites minutes de metrage. Au depart, le film devait consister en un snuff movie rigolo d heure trente. Il lui faudrait livrer, d ses calculs, quarante combats supplementaires pour en arriver la. Pas vraiment jouable, La mort dans l il a donc pris la penible decision d Mais si Fight Harm n probablement jamais en dehors de son cercle d l elle, a fait le tour des milieux branchouilles. Elle a maintenant rejoint le catalogue d histoires a raconter sur Harmony Korine avec l indeniable que cela sous entend : si son oeuvre ne convainc pas tout a fait (specialement si elle n meme pas visible), il nous reste son mythe a se mettre sous la dent. En voici un leger apercu.

Harmony aurait une preference sexuelle pour les handicapes. Harmony fait des claquettes. Harmony s fait reperer par le photographe Larry Clark sur un banc public de Time Square. Harmony vit une histoire passionnee pleine de ruptures et de reconciliations avec l Chloe Sevigny. Harmony est interdit de sejour dans un celebre hotel new yorkais pour avoir poursuivi jusque dans la rue, un tesson de bouteille a la main, un fan allemand un peu trop insistant. Harmony a choisi un nazi notoire pour composer la musique de Gummo. Harmony est vraiment furieux que Hilary Swank ait remporte I cette annee pour Boys Don Cry alors que Chloe n rien hypervenomx proximo ii ic eu. Harmony fut champion sponsorise de skateboard. Un jour que sa petite soeur venait lui faire un calin, Harmony, complètement defonce, l jetee par la fenetre

Le problème que pose le gars Korine est le suivant : à peine êtes vous arrivé à a conclusion que ce sale type est capricieux, instable, insolent, geignard, qui remue avec une douteuse persévérance la vilenie et le sordide de son pays (pauvreté, oisiveté, crasse et amoralité sont des thèmes de prédilection) n pas digne de toute l qu veut bien lui porter, il vous change comme par magie le laid en beau au détour d scène de Gummo (où un jeune attardée mentale que sa famille prostitue devient la plus libre des filles à travers les yeux de son client) où lâche, avec un sens du discernement bluffant, un truc comme Kids n pas mon film (il n est que le scénariste insouciant et inexpérimenté, NDLR). C celui de Larry Clark. Moi, je l rendu encore plus detache, distant, parce que c justement la que se situe le point de vue moral, dans cette froide identification du peche. Mon idee de la moralite n rien a voir avec celle de Hollywood qui veut que tout soit blanc ou noir et qu en tire une lecon a la fin. La d je viens, ces regles ne s pas. Du coup, on meurt d de savoir d il vient.

Ne sous le soleil parfait de Californie, Harmony Korine descend d pere juif iranien immigre et d mere dont on sait peu de choses sinon rien (cette absence assombrit toutes les bios recensees sur le bonhomme et se repercute sur les personnages de ses films, ineluctablement en quete d figure maternelle incarnee presque toujours a l par la douce Chloe). Tout juste Harmony voit il le jour que Ia famille Korine demenage a nouveau. Direction Nashville, dans le Tennessee, capitale de la musique nike tiempo camo country mais aussi coeur souffreteux d Amerique resplendissante. Harmony y passera toute son enfance a tromper son ennui en tuant quelques chats, restant la plupart du temps seul dans sa tete. Les visions de desolation et ce sentiment d qui emanent de Gummo viennent entierement de la. Le film fut d tourne sur place. Il raconte : Durant tout ce temps ou j grandi un peu a part, mon pere ne me parlait pas. Quand il etait en colere, il me balancait des chaussures a la gueule. L facette de son comportement, c Et si on allait voir un film?

C en arrivant a New York que Harmony laisse libre cours a sa passion immoderee pour le cinema. On l un peu trop mais avant d un junkie allume et un rigolo shoote a la hype, Korine hypervenomx proximo ii ic est un authentique amoureux du septieme art. En age de se forger une culture bien a lui, il arpente donc les salles art et essai de la ville et digere tout le cinema europeen et americain d Ses maitres ont pour nom Buster Keaton, Cassavetes, Herzog, Godard et, plus important en regard de son propre developpement artistique, Fassbinder et Alan Clarck. Si je voyais un film de Fassbinder, je me precipitais a la bibliotheque pour trouver un bouquin sur lui. Dedans, j que lui meme etait branche par le melodrame et, notamment, Douglas Sirk. Aussitot, je faisais tout mon possible pour decouvrir le travail de Sirk. C comme ca que j compris qu y avait une continuite dans le monde du cinema. Et j aujourd faire partie de ce mouvement naturel.


Harmony Korine, re,eton illegitime de Fassbinder et Sirk? Il est si doute temps de calmer 1e ieu. Enracine dans une representation deviar et figurative de I le cinema de Korine, a mi chemin entre fiction et le documentaire (narration destructuree, acteurs professionn et amateurs meles, esthetique du delabrement et du naturalisme), n pas completement pour ainsi dire pas du tout a un formalisme p prement agaCant et a un deballage trash excessif. Bref, Harmony en I encore un peu trop. Si Gummo et son accumulation de saynetes eifrayan faisaient entrevoir un envers charge d son nouveau film, /u1 Donkey Boy, nous laisse dans un etat de morne impatience, a deux doi du coma proiond. Tourne en DV numerique sous le sceau du Dogme (soupir), ce portrait schizophrene d enfant mal ne (extraordinaire El,l Bremner, bientot dans Pearl Harbor de Michael Bay!) s progre vement dans une recherche visuelle omnipresente oir plus c moche plus on s fout. Seul un final tetanisant, qui vous prend aux tdpes et vous lache pas, permet de croire en l du cineaste Korine.

Meme si ses films ont plus d que de partisans (l de la critique americaine s entendue sur le fait que ce gars la est une menace pour la societe), Harmony s decouvert une famille de cinema, qui l recueilli et approuve. Le producteur hollywoodien Cary Woods (Scream), la styliste Agnes B. (chez qui il a presente ses photos, pas terribles, au mois de juin), les realisateurs Werner Herzog (acteur dans Julien), Chris Cunningham et Gus nike tiempo camo Van Sant sont maintenant derriere lui. Toujours sous chaste banniere du Dogme 95, le prochain Korine, provisoirement baptisé Jokes (d un recueil de blagues du poete yiddish Milton Bremer), sera corealise par lui meme, Van Sant et Chloe Sevigny, qui fera ses debuts derriere la camera. Entre temps, on pourra trouver tres bientot dans les bacs son roman, A Crackup at the Race Riots qui est plus un bloc notes rempli de one liners debiles ( Placido Domingo aime les sorbets,Roberta Flack a peur d chez le dentiste ), de fausses rumeurs et nike tiempo camo de fausses notes de suicide. Quant a nous, on prefere attendre que Harmony viole un chien, frappe Hilary Swank au visage ou se jette de l State Building en hurlant Laissez moi tranquille, je ne suis qu gosse et je suis fou!

Repère 01/13 ans : Harmony passe le plus clair de son enfance à Nashville (Tennessee), capitale white trash et country. Il se décrit comme un solitaire, un extraterrestre qui tarde à voir venir la puberté. De sa jeunesse, il se rappelle surtout les moments où son père le tabassait avec une chaussure.

Repère 02/17 ans : Les Korine s à New York. Harmony s (skate, bibine, drogue), combat sa solitude chez Fassbinder, Herzog ou Godard et fait une rencontre. Elle s Chloë. Ensemble, ils enflamment Larry Clark, qui commande à Harmony un scénario de film : donne envie de vomir.

Repère 03/26 ans : Harmony Korine Chloé Sevigny deviennent le couple le plus in de la planète. Elle est fashion et commence à éclore en actrice hypnotique. Il est l vaurien que le monde artistique tout entier s Mais, avec Julien Donkey Boy il aimerait simplement être reconnu comme cinéaste nike tiempo camo.