Authentique Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG Vert Noir Blanc Media Musings Blog Archive Climate Change is here

Media Musings Blog Archive Climate Change is here

Crampon hypervenom pas cher it awkward that heaps of countries are kicking Australia butt on responding to climate change.

Some fed up climate scientists this week accused the Government of going in the opposite direction to the rest of the world and that Australia will have to catch up to other Western countries before the UN climate conference in Peru next year.

Suddenly an unusually casual voice took over the airwaves. I noticed it because it was out of place with the Mark Colvin/Fran Kelly seriousness one expects on RN.

It was Crikey resident cartoonist and satirist, The First Dog on the Moon, in his segment Guide to Modern Living.

Clearly he had nike tiempo 2017 a bee in his bonnet about all the huff and puff in the media since the latest Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report again confirmed that change is here, it queer and it going shopping (his words not the IPCC critiqued the issue by examining the psychology of how people maintain their opinions despite evidence to the contrary.

Apparently we humans stick to our beliefs regardless of information telling us the opposite.

Despite his comedic tone The Dog did have a study to back this up. I went and found it to make sure he wasn lying.

Yale University recently published a study showing not only will people maintain their views regardless of evidence presented, their views will become even stronger.

And the scary thing is that this applies to conservatives and progressives, educated people from the right and left ends of the political spectrum The Dog took a moment to tell RN listeners this meant them.

This reminded me of a hilarious episode of Jon Stewart The Daily Show where an avid anti gun control conservative, even when presented with information that a conservative Australian PM (Johnny) successfully brought in gun control laws, still said gun control legislation in the US wouldn work and there was no need for it.

This post was supposed to be more about climate change. Oh well.

How willing would you be to change your opinions based on facts that contradict your fundamental world view?

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Dated: Oct 04 2013

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