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Published: vendredi 18 aot 2017

Aceves said on Monday that he would also be fine with the option that does nothing but obtain permits some were installed legally, some illegally, and some with now expired emergency permits for the rocks to remain in place. "We protect this park forever for our kids, for our grandkids," Aceves said. He added that Nike Roshe Run Flyknit his "campaign is more than Goleta Beach" but that it is "a good comparison on leadership and lack of leadership." Brian Trautwein of the Environmental Defense Center which is advocating the "managed retreat" scheme along with the Surfrider Foundation, as well as other non rock protective methods spoke after Aceves press conference, saying that the early March storm "underscores" his camp point that the rocks, although protecting the park, can cause a loss of sand. "Nobody wants to go to Goleta Beach and have no beach," he said, adding that there are "a variety of answers" to the beach future.

One of the possible compromises includes removing the rocks and installing a cobble berm. In a storm, Trautwein said, the cobbles would help deflect the waves energy. at the County Administration Building at 105 East Anapamu Street. While Roger Aceves came across sounding like a drama queen on the TV yesterday, conversely Janet Wolfe sounded pretty arrogant in her response and did nothing to assure the people of Goleta that the beach Nike Roshe Run Femme  wouldn be scrapped over time and that constructive efforts would be made to preserve it. It is about the only free reasonable parking spot around and a gem. Pull your heads out people. Ok then why don you go remove all the rocks up at Campus Point? Remove the ones down along Sea Cliff? Removed the pilings installed to save the cliffs in IV so they can have managed retreat too.

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