New pictures of Messi’s custom Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 2018 World Cup cleats

Pictures from Sunday’s 2018 Supercopa de España match perfectly show off Messi’s modified Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 football boots featuring a burrito-style tongue.

Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 football boots

New pictures of Messi’s custom Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 2018 World Cup cleats perfectly show off that he received a modified Nemeziz with a ‘burrito tongue’ instead of a tongue-less design.

Adidas Nemeziz football boots

Leo Messi himself has joined the likes of Marcelo and Mo Salah in switching to the still unreleased Energy Mode pack / World Cup collection. Today, he shared a picture of his custom pair of Nemeziz soccer cleats.


Messi’s Nemeziz 18+ boots are not quite like the pair that’ll be available to buy in stores shortly. Similar to what Adidas did with the Nemeziz Messi 17, Messi’s very own Nemeziz 18 football boots have a ‘burrito tongue’ instead of the usual one-piece upper construction.


Apart from that, they come with a number of personalization features on the heel. For example, the name and birth date of Messi’s son Mateo is printed on the instep rear of the left shoe, while the name of his wife, Antonella, and his shirt number take the same place on the right.

This handy guide will help you to save money by showing you tips and tricks to find the cheapest kids football boots online

When your kid is a football fanatic, the costs can very quickly mount up. No sooner have you bought a new pair of football boots than they have grown out of them. However, it is vitally important that you buy the correct sized boots for your child’s feet so you don’t put them at risk of blisters or even worse, injury.

Kids Football Boots

This handy guide will help you to save money by showing you tips and tricks to find the cheapest kids football boots online.

Kids Nike Football Boots

It can be tempting to go for the latest football boots that have just been released, but you will definitely pay more if you go down this route. The major boot manufacturers usually release several new boot packs per year so you can pick up a bargain pair of high-end boots that were actually released a few months ago.

Kids Nike Football Boots Sale

If your child is determined to have a particular player’s boots or a specific colourway, try and look for boots that have been released 6 months ago or more. This way you will be able to buy a great pair of nike football boots that your child will love but for often more than 50% off the price of a newly released pair.

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kids football boots

Manchester City beat Chelsea kids football boots to win the community shield, Guardiola got the first trophy of the new season, but for Gua Shuai and his Manchester City, this is only the first step in the season, according to the team’s general Kyle Walker Earl revealed that Guardiola’s goal is to win all the champions that can compete.

“And won a trophy for Manchester City, the new season opened a very good head,” England right back Walker said, “The minimum goal is to achieve the same achievements last season, our last season’s results are incredible, 100 points. But we have to make a request for ourselves. Last season’s score was the lowest goal.”


“We set the benchmark, the height is so high, we must strive for further improvement. Everyone in the locker room will not accept lower goals. I know that the head coach wants to win all the championships he may win. His players think so too. This season, we are full of motivation to achieve even greater achievements.”

Last season, Manchester City’s results have been quite amazing, with a score of 100 points to win the Premier League champion, adidas Predator 18+ Kids in addition to the League Cup account, won the “double crown.” However, it was eliminated by Liverpool in the Champions League and lost to Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup. As everyone knows, Guardiola is a person who pursues perfection. He won the Triple Crown in the first season of his debut in Barcelona. Therefore, it is not surprising that he has always maintained the “champion Grand Slam” complex, although the former Gua Shuai once said that the Premier League It is the first goal, the difficulty of the Champions League depends on luck, but I am afraid that he is only keeping a low-key voice. Now, Volcker revealed that it is the real “wild hope” in the heart of the melon.


Speaking of the goal of the new season, Guardiola said that starting from the community shield, step by step. “I am very satisfied. This is a small trophy. Everyone wants the Premier League, the FA Cup or the Champions League. But if you want to take the Community Shield, you must first win the Premier League or the FA Cup to qualify for the competition. It is not easy in itself.”

“We are still far from the state we want to achieve. The difference is very, very far. The players are in poor health. Kids Adidas Soccer Cleats We have a full seven days this week and seven days next week. I hope we can improve ourselves. s level.”

It sounds like Guardiola has higher requirements for his player’s status. It is conceivable that Volcker said that “the minimum goal is the same as last season” is really true, in Guardiola’s mind, Manchester City’s ruler has been set very high, if even the “British Premier League + League Cup” double champion is only the lowest goal, then Gua Shuai’s new season’s “ultimate yearning” sword refers to where, it is self-evident.

The Adidas X 18.1 will be launched in a classy black, red and white paint job towards the end of this year

The Adidas X 18.1 will be launched in a classy black, red and white paint job towards the end of this year. Let’s take a look.

This draft shows the black, red and white Adidas X 18.1 soccer cleats colorway.


A classic Adidas look, the new football boots are split between black in the front and red in the collar area. The sole plate is also color-blocked, with the front being black and the rear white. White 3 Stripes complete the design.

The Adidas X 18.1 has a Speedmesh upper and a speed closure system (lacing) and a Claw collar, all of which offer a lightweight, minimalistic feel. The molded external heel counter offers protection.


Adidas X 18.1 – Features: Speedmesh upper engineered to offer minimalistic feel; Speed closure system that combines lightweight thin speed laces weaved together through a cable-wire construction; Claw collar with new stretch materials to provide stability, support and lock down fit; Molded Heel counter provides a snug and stable fit that locks your foot firmly in place during explosive acceleration; Speedframe outsole features state of the art lightweight drillium tooling and minimalistic construction offers traction for rapid acceleration; Arrowhead design forefoot studs for optimum traction and acceleration combined with round heel studs for lightning quick input and release;

The black, red and white Adidas X 18.1 will be launched as part of the Adidas December 2018 collection, which will also contain the first-ever Predator 19.

Raised On Concrete Mens Nike Mercurial Superfly VI 360 Elite FG, Hypervenom and Tiempo Football Boots On Sale

Mens Nike Football Boots

The last couple of weeks have been packed with new colourways, boots, technologies and much more. Now Mens Nike Football Boots is once again ready to give the players new boots, which they can take with them into the new season. It’s time for them to show where they came from and show their worth on the pitch.

Some of the biggest stars of the game have all been playing on the streets as young kids. They have been Raised On Concrete to make impact on the biggest stages around the world. The streets have been rough, but it was here the players polished their raw talent and played the game the loved with joy. It’s time for them to take their raw talent from concrete to stadium to show what they are made of.


Many of us, including me, might remember days where we used endless of hours playing football in the schoolyard, streets or at home on the concrete. You played without boundaries and with limitless imagination. No obstacle was to great and you always played with flair, to show your new skills that you copied from the legends of the game.

The new Raised On Concrete Pack has taken inspiration from these moments of the pro players, as well as the young people who spends endless of hours on the concrete. This is something that really come to life when you look at the Mercurial and Phantom silos. Both silos have been made with a silver or light grey design and touch, which lies close to the concrete theme, while red details just make the boots standout even more. Ronaldo, Mbappé and Coutinho are some of the players that are going to show their skills with flair, which they learned on the concrete as young kids.


The Hypervenom football boots  and Tiempo football boots have been taking in other directions, while they still are kept within the Raised On Concrete mindset. The Nike Mercurial Superfly VI 360 Elite FG also have the light grey colour placed on the heel and sock, while the main colour is red. Previously we have seen the Hypervenom get a split design with two different colurs, so this different approach and design with a full colour on the upper from Nike really works well with the Raised On Concrete colours.


The Tiempo is kept to its roots, while also getting a touch of concrete. The Swoosh will represent the concrete with the shiny silver design, while the tongue and soleplate are made in red. What’s not to like on the classy leather boot!

Kylian Mbappe Played World Cup Final With Displaced Vertebrae

Just when you thought Kylian Mbappe could not get any better, it has recently been announced that he played, and scored in the World Cup Final despite having displaced three of the vertebrae in his back.

In an interview with France Football magazine, Mbappe said he suffered the back injury three days before their crucial World Cup semi-final match against Belgium.

“It was essential not to alert our opponents, otherwise they could have taken advantage of that and targeted this sensitive area. That’s the reason why with the staff and the players we kept it hidden, even for the final.”

Mbappe Football Boots

Mbappe was one of the stars of the tournament and picked up the award for the best young player. Against Argentina he became the youngest player to score twice in a World Cup Football Boots game since Pele, and he became the first teenager to score in the World Cup Final since the great Brazilian in 1958.

France won the final against Croatia 4-2, a result Mbappe was confident would happen even before the tournament started.

“You have to be honest,” he added. “It had been some time since I had made this idea. From the beginning I was convinced that we had everything to go to the end.

“I said it even before the start of the tournament and some people took it for arrogance when it was just confidence. I had programmed myself to win”

Mbappe will go back to play for Paris Saint Germain next season despite having increased interest from Real Madrid after Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus.

It would take an astronomical fee to lure the young Frenchman away from France’s capital, but there is no question that he is becoming the next global superstar of cheap football boots.

Nike has turned out to be one of the best sports accessories brand that has got a huge fan following all over the world

Nike has turned out to be one of the best sports accessories brand that has got a huge fan following all over the world. The brand makes us wonder about is astounding range of features. It amazes us all with its ability to come up with highly innovative and creative designs that enables one to deliver exceptional performance on the play area. Nike has different range of shoe collections under various categories and the shoe brand never fails to recreate magic with its stunning new additions from time to time.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI FG Boots

Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 is a hot and happening shoe model that is decked up with lot of interesting features. The shoe has definitely been the best one when it comes to playing on firm ground surfaces. It is particularly designed for a splendid game on the natural field surface. The shoe model comes in various colors and the Black, white and hyper punch model has garnered much support from all corners as it looks simply attractive in every way.

With the top notch Flyknit technology that combines with the highly attractive Nike Skin technology, the shoe is able to deliver everything you want on playground. These features are known to add up a great deal of stability, balance and grip in the field and happen to give a lending hand while you are seriously into the game.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI FG
The shoe comes with a low profile cushioning where you can have your feet close to the ground. It would provide for a natural, bare foot like feeling while you are actually wearing it. The shoe comes with TPU studs and the cleats are in perfect pattern to support quick and easy movements all along. The most interesting aspect about the shoe is that it has got everything to make you a proud owner. It supports quick and sharp turns and does not let to falter or flip even at high speed. In fact, the shoe is designed for those of them who would like to move fast on the field.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI FG is highly reliable and safe to use. There is no room for wearing or tearing even on prolonged usage. The shoe stays in perfect condition all along. The most attractive aspect is that the shoe is actually worn by some top notch, world famous soccer players which prove of the reliability and versatility of the shoe model.

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI FG-

The sock like fit would keep the leg of the player locked inside the shoe in the perfect position. The outsole is made out of highest quality material and you can be assured about having an upper hand at the game once you get the nike football boots in your feet. is one of the best places online to buy such branded shoe items. The website has got some high end sports shoe models put for display which makes it the much sought after place to buy all your sports accessories.

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Nike will release a special Nike Mercurial football boots to celebrate the record goal scoring tally of the speed silo

Nike will release a special Nike Mercurial football boots to celebrate the record goal scoring tally of the speed silo. The new special Nike Mercurial football boots sis dubbed the ‘It Must Be The Mercurial’ Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 football boot.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 football boots

This image shows a picture of the Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 ‘It Must Be The Mercurial’ cleats.

The special Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 2018 World Cup celebration soccer boots are white and gold. They feature a black sole with the names of all the Nike Mercurial goal scorers of the 2018 World Cup. The heel area comes with the golden text It Must Be The Mercurial.

Nike Mercurial Superfly vi football boots

The special 2018 World Cup celebration Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 football boots have the same tech features as the standard World Cup boots. They come with a one-piece Flyknit upper, a low-profile Dynamic Fit collar and a 360° design without a traditional sole plate.

The special White / Gold ‘It Must Be The Mercurial’ Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 football boot is expected to be launched in the coming days in very limited quantities.

Chaussuresvente on their website here have come up with a whole lot of predictions

Chaussuresvente on their website here have come up with a whole lot of predictions. Who made it to the semis,who got the golden ball,golden boot and who won eventually. The semis they say will be a France- Belgium and a Germany – Spain affair.

france world cup soccer boots

Poor old Argentina don’t get a look in. Messi doesn’t fancy the chances of his country. But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to give it his all anyway. The prophecy of chaussuresvente may turn out to be false !

france world cup soccer cleats

And check cheap football boots here if you want to know the venues where all the action is going to take place.

france world cup soccer-cleats

High speed Nike Mercurial Superfly is one of the top football boots on the soccer fields

High speed Nike Mercurial Superfly is one of the top football boots on the soccer fields. Speed, comfort, and control are some of the words used to describe the cheap superfly. The Nike Mercurial Superfly VI football shoes has got impeccable features and high end design to support a perfect game.


UPPER: Micro-textured Flyknit with NikeSkin for a barefoot feel. Flywire cable offers adaptive support. Supersoft kangaroo leather layer aids in comfort and touch, while the synthetic upper prevents stretching and water uptake. Molded insole that’s perforated for breathability and reduced weight. A hidden heel counter is incased by the upper material on the shoe. This heel counter offers lightweight support to the back of your foot.



OUTSOLE: Vapor traction system for grip in all directions. Carbon fiber plate is highly responsive for explosive speed. TPU studs that are hollowed out for reduced weight. Four heel studs offer traction and durability. The nike superfly also has an extra forefoot blade to aid sharp turning.